Organisations across New Zealand spend a substantial amount of time and money ensuring their employees have the support they need to succeed. But many of the employees may not know there is a free, external counselling service available to them.

Employee assistance programmes (EAP) provide businesses the opportunity to outsource support for personal or work issues through confidential counselling provided by a qualified team of experts. This benefits staff and management, allowing for everyone in the work place to be happy and healthy.


How to get EAP support

EAP counselling works by providing external support services to which all employees have confidential access. Employees can access support by calling OCP's 0800 number and booking a session with a counsellor without going through any internal processes.

This means employees can access OCP’s network of trained professionals for any reason - whether it’s for drugs counselling, financial concerns or trauma support - and know that it's a private exchange between them and the professional they see.


What are EAP benefits?

OCP is much more than just a counselling service. We provide a service for employees to get in touch with psychologists, counsellors, social workers and psychotherapists. So, whatever is stopping employees from feeling 100 per cent - be it a personal or professional issue - we have a qualified specialist to help them return to their best.


Why do employers need employee assistance programmes?

Any organisation is only as good as its employees. If they aren't operating at the peak of their powers, neither will the organisation. It's important for organisations to offer comprehensive employee support and, if you're looking for EAP in New Zealand, you need OCP.

OCP understands that your HR department can set up some level of support, but how many work places have counsellors and psychologists on hand to provide everything from depression support to alcohol counselling? Not enough. This is where OCP's employee assistance programmes come in.

You can't take a chance on employee wellbeing, which is why you should be making use of OCP's services to allow employees the chance to approach a specialist with any personal or professional issues that may be holding them back in the work place. Some employees even need help with work issues such as retirement concerns.

Finally, while it's likely that most employees get along, how do you know that they are comfortable confiding in each other in times of hardship? Some employees may neglect to raise any issues with you for fear of being disruptive, or may be uncomfortable asking for support with issues such as anxiety, depression or relationship worries.

OCP's support programmes ensure employees feel comfortable making an OCP referral and speaking about any of their concerns without worrying about confidentiality.


How OCP helps

Employees can talk about anything mental or emotional that is restricting personal or professional performance with a member of OCP’s national counselling network. This includes delicate issues with which internal support services aren't always equipped to deal, such as financial concerns, anxiety and stress management.

Such issues require the attention of qualified individuals, which is why OCP will only put employees in touch with certified professionals. There are no prerequisites for making an OCP referral and, no matter how minor or major the issue, OCP can put employees in touch with someone to help them get back on their feet.

OCP even provides you with free posters, brochures and other promotional material so employees are reminded that they have your support whenever they need it.