No one can be expected to go through life without asking for help every now and then. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to turn, especially when problems arise in the workplace.   While all organisations have the best interests of their employees at heart, some don't provide the support employees require when they have an issue which needs to be dealt with confidentially. This is where a service like OCP's employee assistance programmes (EAP) steps in, providing staff with confidential counselling in times of need.   The core of OCP's service centres on the confidential nature of our assistance programmes. Employees whose workplaces use EAPs can call to make an appointment with OCP's 0800 number ensuring that, no matter what the issue is, there is someone there to listen and point you in the right direction.   Your options for employee assistance are broken down into a number of key sections because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fix every problem. Trauma counselling will require a different approach to depression support, so OCP provides links to a trusted network of professionals. This means your counselling is conducted through the best possible solution.    


What do OCP's counselling services entail?

For employees needing support, OCP's counselling options put people in touch with one of our qualified professionals. There is no barrier to what you can discuss with OCP's counsellors. Whether it's depression support or financial concerns, past issues or recent developments, you can be sure that you will receive a confidential counselling service at no cost to yourself. As OCP's employee assistance programmes are an agreement between OCP and your employer, all you have to do is call when you need support. We can only pass on identifying details if we receive your written permission, so any information OCP passes to your employer respects and preserves your privacy.    


How do trauma services help HR managers?

Some issues require employee assistance programmes that offer more than just counselling, which is why OCP's selection of trained professionals includes a range of experts in these fields so HR managers have the options they need.   Trauma services are made available to organisations as a whole and can only be authorised by HR departments or management staff when employees require such assistance. Various events may require trauma support or grief counselling to ensure they remain under control and don't escalate over time. OCP's trauma services rely on our psychologists to help prevent traumatic events from creating long-lasting effects on those involved.  


What can OCP's training services offer HR managers?

OCP also provides people with the opportunity for development through our training services. The skills taught through these programmes can help to alleviate financial concerns and reduce employees’ dependence on drug and alcohol counselling.   We aim to help HR managers solve these problems within a workforce. These services can teach money management techniques and guidelines on how to structure debt and protect wealth.   OCP also provides services that help HR managers get the best out of their employees. We offer training that assists with performance management, meaning managers and team leaders have the tools to offer employees positive feedback.   This can then be complemented with our working with team mates’ services that foster effective communication practices within an organisation. Are you ready to be assertive if the situation requires it?    


How can HR managers take advantage of OCP's outplacement services?

One situation that requires stress management is starting a new job or looking for further employment opportunities. Success here depends on a specific set of skills that OCP can provide.   These include being able to write an effective CV, a document that is often a potential employer's first impression of a candidate, so it has to be right first time. OCP assists employees who need guidance in these areas as authorised by HR or other managerial departments.