Stress and Resilience Training


What actions, decisions and situations affect your coping barometer and what takes it sky high?
Do you know your warning signs that balance is not in check?
What are the impacts on the people around you when you are not coping and how does that impact productivity and profit?


Preparedness for when you notice the barometer on the rise.
Tools to bounce back from setbacks and the courage to use them.
Credibility from those around you when you show resilience.


Your increased productivity to value-add tasks.
New-found resilience and wellbeing across your life.
Effective communication techniques to empower people around you to cope as well.


Critical Incident / Trauma Management CISM

Awareness of, and skills to manage, trauma and grief.

Preparing for critical and unexpected incidents in the workplace.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Understand different types of people and how best to interact.
Identify your usual conflict resolution style and put in place strategies to improve.

Organisational Stress Audits

Organisational Stress and Wellbeing audits to identify organisational stressors for staff and recommend ways to reduce these and create a better sense of wellbeing within the organisation.
Health and Safety Audits to improve systems.

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