Unique to OCP, this service provides full support to your Human Resources / Management team. Client companies meeting the criteria receive a personally Dedicated Clinical Account Advisor who assumes responsibility for the following key services:


  • Responsibility for liaison in respect of communicating all relevant information and any developments to the Executive and Human Resources team.
  • On-call support to the designated clients.
  • Monthly verbal update and / or meeting to provide information regarding statistics, usage for the month, emerging trends.
  • Coordination of Critical Incident response and recovery, including the final CISM report.
  • Full clinical support as and when indicated.
  • Proactive feedback in respect of possible risks or potential opportunities using a solution-focused approach.
  • Provision of CISM Support Guidelines.

This service is not only an innovative, professional and very personalised service but also embodies OCP’s commitment to ensuring full support is not just a by-line but an authentic role delivered as part of our daily service.





She established her counselling / life coaching practice, Rowan House, in 1998. Allison works with clients presenting with a wide range of issues including workplace, relationship, depression, anxiety, abuse, and personal growth issues. She has authored books and papers on her specialist research area of memory and aging, a subject on which she has presented at many international psychological conferences. She moved from Christchurch to Auckland at the beginning of 2013. 




She completed the requirements for registration as a Clinical Psychologist in 2003 at the University of Waikato. Since attaining registration she has worked in a range of public health settings, assisting adults and youth to develop well-being. She also has experience in management of staff, allowing her to couple this experience with her psychological knowledge.




As a Psychologist from the Child and Family Programme she has trained to apply psychological principles, knowledge and research to current difficulties being experienced with children and their families.  She has experience in Child/Youth psychological assessment and intervention, behaviour management/modification, parent/child relationship/attachment problems, child/youth mental health, anger management, parenting assessment and intervention, child social skills groups and home based parenting support.