Interview Skills Workshop

Overview of recruitment and interview styles in today’s workplace.
Develop skills for technical or new team leaders in interviewing effectively.
Ask questions that get answers to assist the recruitment process.
Toolbox of suitable questions developed in the workshop.


Managing Change for Managers

Specifically developed for dealing with change and stress in others.
Understand likely responses and have a toolbox of strategies.


OCP Executive Care - One on One

Individual support for Senior Managers/Executives


Module One - Physical and Emotional Resilience

Module Two - The Cost of Ineffective Change Management

Module Three - Take Charge of your Poor Performers

Module Four - Igniting your Goals - Personal and Professional

Module Five - Personal Issues affecting Professional Life

Module Six - Personal Presentation Empowerment

Module Seven - The Impact of Psychological Issues in the Workplace

Module Eight - Leadership – Executive 360

Module Nine – Support for Human Resources/Senior Executives


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