Everyone has personal and professional issues at some point in their lives, but what happens when these boundaries cross? While most of us feel comfortable with our colleagues, it sometimes doesn't seem natural to approach them for support.

This is where an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) comes in, providing confidential counselling in times of need when it feels as if there is nowhere else to turn. With OCP, you can be sure that you're receiving professional employee support so you are able to feel happy, healthy and safe at work. 

What can EAP counselling help with?

In short, anything that is stopping you from being at your best at home or in the workplace. We understand that sometimes personal and professional issues intersect, which can impact stress management. 

Although HR departments are equipped to handle work issues, sometimes there is a deeper problem that needs to be discussed. If work issues have arisen due to personal issues then it is often better to involve a professional third party for the sake of privacy, security and peace of mind. 

OCP provides registered and qualified specialists who are prepared to work through any issues with which you may be struggling, including depression support and alcohol counselling to help you recover. 

Why should I consider an EAP referral?

Simply put, any longstanding issues will have more than just a personal impact. To do your job effectively, you need to be in peak physical and mental condition as these two work in harmony to make you who you are. 

Other employees also notice when staff are under the weather, which can disrupt the balance of a workforce. 

Remember you don't have to be feeling down to make use of employee support services. Sometimes you may just need some time out or to bounce ideas around with a friendly face. EAP services provide the chance to do this with complete confidentiality. 

Will my employer know about my EAP referral?

All of the details from any employee support sessions will be kept strictly confidential to ensure you feel safe in approaching OCP's professional counsellors. This is because we know there are issues with which people need private help. We understand drug counselling and trauma support are delicate, personal issues that need to be discussed with a trustworthy specialist and no one else. 

You can also make an appointment without your employer knowing, as all EAP referrals are set up through OCP's confidential 0800 number to ensure our promise of confidential counselling is upheld. 

The outcomes of your referral can only be released with your written permission, meaning the details are kept safe with the counsellor with whom you speak.

What does an EAP do that HR can't?

Although HR are tasked with looking after employees, this comes under a much broader umbrella of responsibilities that can also include recruitment and payroll. If you are looking for specialist advice and assistance from a network of trained professionals - including psychologists, counsellors and social workers - then you need OCP. 

This means we are equipped to deal with both professional and personal issues and understand that one can lead to the other and vice versa. If you have retirement concerns or require grief counselling, then you need specialist assistance to ensure you bounce back at your full potential. 

As an external provider, confidential consulting is one of our greatest assets. Some workplace issues can be difficult to discuss with other colleagues, meaning a third party is required to offer a helping hand. 

We also guarantee access to qualified specialists only, ensuring that your needs are met by people who are experienced in dealing with personal and professional issues. OCP promises a support service in which you can be confident, enabling you to be at your best for yourself and for your employer.