OCP is committed to supplying employee assistance programmes (EAP) to organisations throughout New Zealand. If the organisation you work for has signed up to receive our workplace support, there are a number of ways we can be of assistance.

Our range of counselling services are designed to keep employees safe, happy and healthy in the workplace. Naturally, you probably have some questions about who we are, what we offer, and how we can help.

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked by the employees with whom we work. 


Where is OCP based?

OCP is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business, based in Christchurch. This Kiwi-focused approach ensures that we are best equipped to provide local assistance to employees around the country.

This also ensures OCP's services are tailored specifically to the needs of New Zealanders, whether that be for anxiety support, depression counselling or anything else through which you need to talk.

OCP also has a dedicated clinical advisor for each major region, with the Northern, Central, and Southern parts of New Zealand each supported directly by a point of contact between OCP and the organisations for which you work.


How much does it cost me to call?

As OCP's employee assistance programmes are an agreement between OCP and your employer, it doesn't cost anything to call our 0800 number and receive discrete counselling services.

This enables you to call in, no matter the issue. If you are struggling with financial concerns, charging you to access counselling services is not going to help solve the problem. OCP is about providing accessible counselling services you can feel safe calling.


Will my employer find out I applied for an EAP referral?

OCP doesn't provide any personally identifying information to employers unless the client provides written permission for this to happen. Some cases, such as dealing with stress management issues or scheduling depression counselling, require a discrete service that can be conducted outside of regular HR processes.

While OCP provides some information to employers, it is simply about the number of times the service was used and some of the prevailing trends. We don't identify the employees who call our service. We want you to be able to call us with full confidence in our employee assistance programmes. 


Who can I speak to through OCP?

We provide a link between you and a network of qualified professionals that is designed to offer help for a number of common personal and workplace issues. Whether you need support for issues with drugs or trauma counselling due to stressful events, you can be sure OCP's connections to registered counsellors and psychologists can help you through.

These are people trained in the art of helping employees through tough times, ensuring you have access to a support network that is available whenever it is needed. 


When can I call OCP?

Depression and anxiety don't stop when the work day ends and they certainly don't take weekends off. For counselling to be at its most effective, it needs to be accessible at all times.

For these reasons, OCP's employee assistance programmes are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is little point in providing confidential counselling if it cannot be used whenever issues arise, which is why OCP's team is dedicated to providing a service that revolves around your needs, whenever they need to be met. 


How can I get assistance?

The easiest way to get in touch is through OCP's 0800 number, which provides free calling for you no matter what you are calling about or where you are in the country.

This service is also supplemented by an official OCP mobile app for iOS. As well as offering one-touch calling free to our head office, the app also provides access to other information about the programmes OCP provide and a link to an introductory video that outlines the nature of our service.