One-on-One Counselling and Rehabilitation

As part of your OCP programme individual support is provided with Drug and Alcohol specialists.
Individual Rehabilitation contracts are entered into with the full support of OCP.


Drug and Alcohol Awareness Team Briefings

Understanding the effects of Drugs and Alcohol on work performance, individuals and family.
The organisation’s policy and processes.


Reasonable Cause Management Training

OCP will provide:

The skills to identify when team members' performance could be affected by drugs and alcohol.

An understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol on work performance.

How to manage and address the situation effectively when faced with reasonable cause.

Knowledge of the organisation’s process when reasonable cause is identified.

Documenting reasonable cause situations.

Support services within the organisation and from OCP following the event.


Organisational  Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

Designing a Drug and Alcohol policy that fits with the organisation's needs and culture.
Developing processes, reasonable cause training and management responsibilities.
Developing individual rehabilitation contracts.


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