Unique to OCP, this service provides full support to your Human Resources / Management team. Client companies meeting the criteria receive a personally Dedicated Clinical Account Manager who assumes responsibility for the following key services:


  • Responsibility for liaison in respect of communicating all relevant information and any developments to the Executive and Human Resources team.
  • On-call support to the designated clients.
  • Monthly verbal update and / or meeting to provide information regarding statistics, usage for the month, emerging trends.
  • Coordination of Critical Incident response and recovery, including the final CISM report.
  • Full clinical support as and when indicated.
  • Proactive feedback in respect of possible risks or potential opportunities using a solution-focused approach.
  • Provision of CISM Support Guidelines


This service is not only an innovative, professional and very personalised service but also embodies OCP’s commitment to ensuring full support is not just a by-line but an authentic role, delivered as part of our daily service.